What is Insta Printz?
We offer you a totally different level of customization altogether, GOT’s iron throne, conversion of a CT Scan into a 3D Model or a replica of your own. Yes, you heard it right. Your wish is our command.

Our service is not just limited to customized gifts. Mechanical, architectural or medical, you just name the field and you have it. From converting your work on a paper to a model on your table, we bring for you a new era. An era where photographs and sketches are past and 3D models the future.

How do we help you?
Insta Printz has the vision to be the number one solutions provider in each and every field.  We believe in giving our customers the power to imagine- an imagination that we help you turn to reality.

With the help of our superior quality 3D printing setup, we help you realize your thoughts. We are committed to making high quality and best designed 3D products related to all your requirements.

We believe in providing our customers something unique and out of the box. Insta Printz helps you in converting your imagination into tangible and usable three-dimensional products. Because it is what you think!

Prateek Sancheti
CEO / Founder

Graphic Designer

Ankit Punyasi

Satyarth Saxena

Charumana Sharma

Surbhi Soni

Amit Punyasi

Mahendra Nagar
Technical Operator