What is 3D Printing?

3D Printing is simply additive manufacturing process wherein a physical three dimensional object is made from a digital design. The solid object is made by layering the material one on one.

How does 3D Printing work?

The digital file with a 3D design is converted into a solid object by using a 3D printer which prints successive layers of the material. The material is melted at high temperature and used in order to solidify and render and object.




We help surgeons and medical practitioners ease the operative processes by providing them the exact replica of broken bones. The CT scan data of a patient is used to get a 3D preoperative model which eases surgeries and reduces the OT time.


Science, technology, history, geography or math, whatever your child loves, we can help in developing their interest by creating working models of the related fields. We can thus help you create a better understanding of their syllabus or to convert their imagination to reality.


Making working models of your machines as well as their gears and other parts is now easier with Insta Printz. The machine prototypes can be 3D printed and used for training, decoration as well as gifting purposes.

Architecture/ Interior

Insta Printz aids you while converting a building’s structure into a live model or an exact three dimensional replica of the complete plan and elevation of any property. Get your house picturized easily with our models now!

Made to Order

Insta Printz brings expertise in making utility products and unique customized products for your daily needs or gifting purposes. We can also assist you to convert your own imagination or 2D file into 3D and give you the physical model of the same.


Now gift you near and dear ones their own face/ body miniature! Also, you can get the model of your beloved pets as well as original size models of anyone in your family! Move from the traditional photographs and get these cool miniatures now!

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